Direct Trade Coffee

At Bella Verde Coffee Traders, we import several quality levels of green coffee from many countries. Odds are, we have a coffee for your needs as a roaster. Need a bright and fruity Nicaraguan coffee with notes of lemon and lime with chocolate undertones? How about a smooth, Colombian to suit the every day casual drinker? Let's talk!

Each coffee is offered with a roast level recommendation that is desirable to each green coffee we buy because no two coffees are created equal. We will offer you our personal roasting skills and experience for each coffee we offer.

Have a look at our coffees and let us know if you have questions or need help deciding what to offer.

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It Starts With a Tree

On most farms, coffee trees are planted and cared for with the end result in mind: all quality levels you can find. At Bella Verde Coffee Traders you will find many levels of quality because we feel that there is a coffee for every house. Our coffees meet standard cup profiles that suit most coffee drinkers as well as Specialty and micro lot profiles that suit more of the coffee enthusiast, much more like a fine wine or craft beer. Our producer partners are the best in the world and every coffee we offer has been cupped so we can guide you to what you may be looking for.


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Picking At The Right TIme

Let's say the coffee is a Red Caturra varietal. The cherry must be picked at the proper time when they are a deep, red wine color or the seeds (beans) inside will not be fully developed. Each farm usually performs several passes on the rows or area of trees so the pickers pick only the ripe cherries on each pass. When the row or hill is complete, they start again at the bottom and pick more ripened cherries until the process is completed and all the cherries are picked. This can take several weeks or months.

Underdeveloped cherry can result in a level of sourness or flatness that is not a desirable quality. Enough underdeveloped cherries in a batch can pull enough desirable flavor away from the profile, leaving you with an unfavorable cup.

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We Are Coffee

We are part of the Troubadour Coffee Roasters family in Fairview Park, Ohio. Troubadour is known for craft-roasting the highest quality coffees available, brewing them in manual and craft-style fashion via espresso, pourover and French press methods. The same quality and care goes into every coffee Bella Verde Coffee Traders imports for our roaster partners.

Bella Verde Coffee Traders has direct relationships with all of our grower partners. We visit them often and get involved in the supply chain.

Do you want to offer quality roasted coffee to your customers with transparency to the growers? Do you want to be every serious coffee geek or connoisseur's go-to place for excellent coffee in your city? Then we want to do business with you! Whether your primary brew methods are espresso, batch-brew, alternate and/or manual brewing, then we likely have a coffee for you!

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Next Steps...

Contact us to find out how we can do business together! We'd love to help you offer quality coffee to your customers!