About Us


Our Philosophy

We are driven by passion for the highest quality coffee and support the producers that share the same passion as us such as Ricardo Oliu, 3rd generation coffee producer and owner of Fincas La Gloria and Bavaria in Matagalpa, Nicaragua.

Our Story

When we started our first coffee shop in 2004, we were new to the industry. After 3 years of the same old generic coffee with flatness and that burnt taste, we bought an Ambex roaster and started roasting our own and yes it was fresher, but just because it is fresh does not guarantee quality. So we searched. And we searched. And finally we found the way to the world's greatest coffee: Direct trade.

Meet the Team

This is most likely the biggest coffee geek you will ever meet. Tony DiCorpo owns Troubadour Coffee Roasters, a coffee bar and micro roastery, Bella Verde Coffee Traders, a green coffee importer and Cafe Consultants, a training and consulting company for the coffee industry. They are located in Fairview Park, Ohio.

Tony has over 15 years experience in the coffee business and over 20 years of extensive experience in business. He has been featured in numerous industry magazines such as Fresh Cup and Specialty Coffee Retailer as well as via local Cleveland media such as Fox 8’s New Day Cleveland, Pressure Life Magazine, Cleveland Magazine and the Plain Dealer.  Tony regularly travels to origin countries to establish and maintain relationships with producer partners.

COffee_nerd 2

Tony DiCorpo

Founder, CEO and Roaster Guy

Remember, friends don't let friends drink bad coffee!

Next Steps...

Contact us to find out how we can do business together! We'd love to help you offer quality coffee to your customers!